Omu-Aran town was founded five hundred years ago. The Omu-Aran community came into being as a result of outward movement from Ile-Ife. These outward movements of people were in four phases, and the one relevant to the people of Omu-Aran was “The Private entrepreneurial post Oduduwa Migration”.

At one time in Ile-Ife, there was famine occasioned by prolong drought, and necessitated the consultation of Ifa Oracles by the divine Priests at that time in order to find solution to the famine problem. It was the priests that pronounced Ile-Ife as been overcrowded and therefore prescribed emigration as the panacea.

The adoption of this recommendation led to the departure of princes and selected leaders from Ile-Ife to other places, they were given royal blessings and symbol of authority. Many Yoruba kingdoms of today arose as a result of this emigration. From this emigration emerged the personality of an Ife Warrior by name Olomu-Aperan who became the progenitor of the Igbomina town of Omu-Aran in today’s Kwara State.

The existence of Omu-Aran could be traced back to a woman by name Omutoto who once live in Ilodo compound in ile-Ife. She was one of the Oloris (royal wives) of the Oba Olofinaiye of Ile-Ife. This woman bore no child, and therefore adopted some children of her relations. She took great care of these children, and Olomu Aperan was one of them.
The mother of Olomu Aperan was a sister to Omutoto. There were other children adopted by Omutoto, and one of them was Owa Ajibogun, the founder of Ijesha land. They all grew up under Omutot. The young Olomu was described as a mighty man of valour. He was much respected, honoured and became known among Ijesha’s and Ife people as Olomu Aperan. He was much respected, honoured and became known among Ijesha’s and Iffe people as Olomu Aperan. He was a distinguished warrior an his successes at warfares earned him several name such as Olomu Aperan, Olomu Aperin, Olomu Apeje and Olomu Aperin