Bendall Innovations, in conjunction with Fuller Yield Ventures, has partnered with Zenith Bank to make cooking in homes convenient through the invention of the machine, ‘OmniSmart Yampounder plus’.

At the unveiling of the machine, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Fuller Yield Ventures, Steve Olayinka, said the invention of the machine was to revolutionalise African cooking experience.

He stated that the machine would solve marital issues by restoring peace between spouses.

“OmniSmart Yampounder plus has come to make peace between husband and wife, because when a wife arrived late from work, she might be tired and the husband or family might demand for meals that will take time to prepare. For this reason, this machine can do all of this in a matter of minutes like making swallow without anybody having the cause to cross legs.”

Olayinka said the machine, apart from using it to make swallow; could also be used to cook rice, yam among other foods.

The inventor of the machine, Gregson Oghafua, said the machine would also be handy to Africans in the diaspora.

He said that the machine, which would serve different purposes, would help change African cooking lifestyles by enhancing timely provision of meals aside saving stress.

Zenith Bank’s Retail Project Officer, Godson Nwapua, said the partnership would bring more benefits to the doorsteps of many Nigerians and create jobs for the unemployed.