NIGERIANS are living with too many shameful things happening within the circles where their affairs are governed.  Leaders of the country abandon the health sector and fly to countries whose systems work to enjoy their services at the taxpayer’s expense, while doctors and other health workers are allowed to strike for over two months over poor welfare.

The latest show of shame is the leaking roofs of the National Assembly Complex, Abuja. Some months ago, workers at the complex were seen on live television scooping water from the floors of the lobby of the main legislative chamber. Rainwater showered down from the main dome, which is supposed to be the crowning glory of a major national monument.

One had thought that the two-month annual legislative recess which ended last week was an ample opportunity to fix the leakage with the princely sum of N9 billion earlier allocated to that purpose in the 2020 budget. It will be recalled that the National Assembly had earmarked N37bn for that project.