VICE President Yemi Osinbajo, at the 61st  Independence Anniversary Interdenominational Church Service, opined that in spite of our security, economic, religious and ethnic challenges, the founding visions of Nigeria “remain undefeated”.

Being at the helm of the leadership of our country, we can understand the effort by the vice president to remain upbeat in the face of the daunting odds. Unfortunately, he belongs to an administration that has failed to give Nigerians across board a sense of belonging; a regime which, by its policies and actions, has provoked our call to “bring back our Nigeria”.

Before Independence in 1960, Nigerian leaders, along with British colonial officials, hammered out an agreement to build a multi-ethnic, multi-religious republic founded on liberal democratic principles with the fundamental freedoms of the people fully guaranteed. With her unlimited abundance of material and human resources, Nigeria was to become the showpiece of Africa and the Black race.