The British colonialist destroyed everything culture, tradition and religion in Nigeria and other African countries. But in hypocritical contradiction, the British hypocrites demonized black man’s cultures, traditions and religions describing them as uncivilized and satanic.

And in the process, they imposed their own religion with its disturbing history of barbarity against black men forcefully purchased, captured and taken away from the African continent.

Whatever ‘evil’ the white man demonized in African cultures, traditions and religions are still being worshipped and celebrated in their country.

This is why their claim of being holier than the Pope remains a white lie that is better told to the marines.

For example, the stone placed on the Seat/throne of the monarch of England is over 500 years old.

The arrival of this stone to their palace and the traditional rites/rituals attached to the stone is one of the major rites and rituals that must curiously be performed before any king or queen of England is crowned.

There can never be any coronation in England if this stone, and the traditional rites attached to it is not done. Above all, after the rituals and the king/queen is installed, white traditionalists move around London and other major cities to cleanse them, adorned in their red regalia, and conducted in broad daylight.

This is a clear case of the whites knowing how to preserve, appreciate and promote their own culture and traditions, but are quick to desecrate, destroy, discredit and rubbish black man’s cultures, traditions and religious practices under the guise of selling to Africans education,civilization and local values destructive foreign religions.

If this kind of ritual/rites were to be performed in Nigeria or other parts of Africa, the whites and their neo-colonial collaborators will call it diabolic, fetish and satanic rituals not fit for contemporary dispensation.

Disgracefully, some Nigerian kings are abandoning our culture, traditions and centuries’ old rituals/rites because of their embrace of foreign religions. Yet, white colored owners of these religions still revere and engage in what our latter day foreign religions traditional rulers’ converts are trying to obliterate. What a shame!

We can blame the colonists but more importantly reprimand Africans and especially Yoruba that have been so foolishly and stupidly brainwashed to believe and embrace foreign religions and in the process, abandoning our own rich cultures, religions and traditions. What a shame on us!

Until we revert to our cultures, traditions and religions like the Indians, Chinese and Asians did, true development might, for long, remain a mirage in Nigeria and the entire black man’s continent.