Heirs Insurance Limited (HIL) has reiterated its commitment to gender inclusion with the launch of its motor insurance plan for women, Her Motor Plan.

Prioritising safety, the plan offers subscribers 24-hour road rescue and vehicle repair services, as well as access to an exclusive community of like-minded businesswomen.

The launch was held on March 31, 2022, at the Heirs Insurance headquarters, Heirs Towers, and pulled female business icons from all walks of life to celebrate the offering.

Her Motor Insurance Plan is an affordable, yet holistic comprehensive motor insurance plan offering coverage and support involving the mechanical breakdown of vehicles, a statement said.

It provides all-day protection and coverage for vehicles against road accidents, theft or fire. Other benefits include towing service, a free vehicle tracker and medical support in the case of an accident.

The launch not only reinforces the company’s efforts toward improving lives in Nigeria by promoting gender inclusion but also demonstrates its commitment to democratising insurance through the availability of value-added insurance products.

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According to the Managing Director, Heirs Insurance, Dr. Adaobi Nwakuche, the product is the outcome of the extensive research the company conducted to understand the lapses in the industry before the kick-off of operations.

She stressed the importance of inclusion for women in the quest to deepen insurance penetration and expressed confidence in the new product in championing this cause.

She said: “Women face several challenges at work, home and generally in society yet they stand strong. This is what we are celebrating with Her Motor Insurance Plan. We believe that the drive of women should not be hindered by the challenges they face. Through this launch, we emphasise our commitment to making insurance accessible to everyone. Our message to all women is simple: keep driving, keep moving.”