By Ipoola Ahmed Omisore

We consider as unnecessary and unwarranted the invidious propaganda that some drowning politicians are trying to spread about the newly inaugurated national secretary of the All Progressive Party (APC), Senator Iyiola Omisore.

To imagine that the highly respected Nobel laureate, Professor Wole Soyinka is joining the bandwagon of blackmailers makes it sickening.

Despite being renowned for his brilliance, Prof Soyinka has no monopoly of wisdom.

If the court of law of the land has exonerated Omisore from the barbaric killing of someone, what’s the need for still bringing up Omisore’s name if not for mischief.

It is naive of anyone to link Senator Omisore’s to this heinous act nearly two decades after.

The world could not have easily forgotten Senator Omisore’s travails and trials of facing murder charges and his subsequent acquittal and discharge almost a decade ago by a competent court of law in the country.

This ought to have laid the matter to rest. It is however disheartening to realize that someone high up would still refer to him as a possible suspect.

We can still recollect how Professor Soyinka as a Undergraduate, along with his other colleagues, laid the foundation (Pyrates Fraternity) for today’s cultism in our institutions of higher learning which today has become a cankerworm that is destroying our youths.

Can we also easily forget that Professor Soyinka was appointed the chairman of a misguided Education Summit that gave birth to now discredited single uniform for all secondary and primary schools and Opon Imon in Osun state during the governorship tenure of Ogbeni Rauf Aregesola.

This policy was a failed one that history wiIl not readily forget. Professor Soyinka should be careful not to be seen as trying to defend the interest of Ogbeni Aregbesola.

Professor Soyinka as an elder statesman should not get himself involved in distasteful machinations of drowning politicians. A subtle counsel for the highly respected Nobel laureate.

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