Heritage Bank Plc has joined forces with Fateema Mohammed Ogunkola Foundation (FAMO) in advancing women’s economic sustainability in Nigeria.

The collaboration was made known at an event to commemorate this year’s International Women Day, with a host of top female dignitaries

Meanwhile, the bank hosted a four-day virtual empowerment seminar for its staff, which focused on different aspects of the woman’s life – business, finances, work-life balance, health and the future.

Speaking at the event, Regional Executive, Lagos and Corporate Banking Division, Heritage Bank, Afolashade Alonge, said the society should strategise and focus on promoting women’s economic empowerment as a means of boosting the country’s gross domestic product (GDP).

According to her, closing the gender gap at every level of endeavors is key to accelerating sustainable economic growth.

She noted that to succeed and advance economically, women need the skills and resources to compete in markets as well as fair and equal access to economic institutions.

She said Heritage Bank through its unique banking services has been in the vanguard of championing wealth creation and financial inclusion, especially among women to advance economically through its banking application, ‘Octiplus’, to promote savings culture.

Octiplus an all-in-one digital banking application brimmed with wealth management features can help women manage money and plan the future.

She noted that Heritage Bank has provided different products to encourage saving habits amongst women. These banking products, she noted, are backed up by the CBN’s financial inclusion framework.

Speaking on the partnership, Fateema Ogunkola, the Convener of the event said Heritage Bank saw the importance of heritage among women that is why the bank has decided to support FAMO to celebrate this year’s women’s day.

She said: “The International Women’s Day is yet another opportunity to reexamine the critical role that women continue to play in building a peaceful and prosperous society. Today, more than ever before, we are confronted by the harsh realities of gender-based exclusivity, especially in the workplace and our homes.

“We must remain committed to empowering women who are courageous to make a difference in careers that have hitherto excluded the women,” she noted.