ADÉGBÒRÒ left Ibadan for Lagos in search of greener pasture. He chose to carry loads (Aláàbárù) on his head at Oyingbo market to earn a living.

Few years after, he bought a cart from his savings and this eased the pain of carrying loads on his head for commercial purposes. The Cart also increased his income and he was able to acquire 6 more of its kind which he rented out to others.

Exactly 8 years in this cart-pushing business, Adegboro bought a van which many called BÓLÈKÁJÀ, and after learning how to drive, he handled the business by himself. 4 years into the Bolekaja business, Adegboro had been a proud owner of 6 Vans. Being a bona fide Ibadan son, (ọmọ bíbí ìlú Ìbàdàn) ADÉGBÒRÒ built a magnificent building at OJÀ OBA where the Olúbàdàn Palace was situated when it was time to put a roof on his head.

Many people at this period approached Adegboro to show them the secret behind his success. He simply asked them if they could carry loads on their heads in the market to earn income (Aláàbárù)? And their response had always been “NEVER”.

He too would spontaneously say “ẸNI TÍ Ò LÈ ȘE ALÁÀBÁRÙ L’ÓYÌNGBÒ, KÒ LÈ ȘE BÍ ADÉGBÒRÒ L’ÓJÀ OBA” – this is a replica of the adage also in Yoruba land that says; “ÌȘASÙN tàbí ÌKÒKÒ TÍ YÍÓ J’ATA (OBÈ), ÌDÍ RÈ Á GBÓNÁ”. (A pot that wants to consume a palatable soup must have its bottom burnt or heated with fire first).

In Life, to endure is to achieve. No short cut is sustainable. Enduring wealth is built over time in a small bit but in a persistent way.

Underwriter Sholeyyy