One of the shipping lines operating in Nigeria, CMA CGM, has announced an increase in charges on what it terms ‘dangerous goods’.

The increase, which is in addition to ocean freight, applies to goods imported to all West African countries. Dangerous goods are substances and articles that have explosive, flammable, toxic, infectious or corrosive properties. They pose risks to public health, safety, property and the environment during freight.

The shipping line, in a notice, issued last Thursday, said the increase takes effect from February 15, 2022. It added that the charge – dangerous goods additional – is paid in addition to the ocean freight.

The notice titled ‘Dangerous Goods Additional to West Africa’, stated that cargoes (dry, reefer and specials) from North Europe, Baltic, Scandinavia, West Mediterranean, Adriatic, Black Sea, North Africa and East Mediterranea destined for West African ports are affected by the new charge.

Under the new rates, such goods will attract an additional EUR200 or USD230 on 20ft containers from North Europe, Baltic, Scandinavia, West Mediterranean.

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Forty feet containers from the same destinations will attract EUR250 or USD285. Similarly, such goods from Adriatic and Greece are to attract an additional GBP170 and GBP210 for 20ft and 40ft, respectively.

Also, dangerous goods shipped into West Africa from the Black Sea, North Africa will attract EUR200 and EUR450 for 20ft and 40ft containers respectively. Those from East Mediterranean to West Africa will cost an extra USD300 and USD450 for 20ft and 40ft containers respectively.