Treepz’s mission to provide commuters with convenient and affordable means of transportation within cities and across Africa is further accomplished with its newest partnership with CMS Taxi and Motor Nigeria Limited (CMS T&M) in Lagos.

This partnership will see the CMS T&M passengers have access to a more convenient payment option and predictable travel times. The technology provided by Treepz will allow the CMS T&M management to manage their operations efficiently and digitise their ticketing systems to provide transparency for the bus operator.

CMS T&M is a 53-year-old licensed shuttle bus company that operates in the Central Business District of Lagos including Marina, Lagos Island, Victoria Island, Ikoyi and Lekki areas of Lagos State, with high-capacity buses and minivans. With over 1.6 million passengers annually, CMS T&M provides conducive vehicles that ease the daily commute of workers, students, and traders within the city.

“At Treepz, our goal is to improve the public transportation system in Africa using technology and we are constantly looking out for opportunities to make this happen. By combining the expertise and technologies of Treepz, with CMS T&M’s 42 years of experience in public transportation and fleet management, we are on the right path to achieving this goal. I am particularly excited about the payment method that will be introduced which is quite similar to the Oyster card system in London. This will greatly improve the experience of daily commuters in Lagos and kick-start the digitalization of transportation systems across Nigeria” said Mr. Onyeka Akumah, CEO & Co-Founder Treepz Inc.

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Also speaking on the partnership, the CMS T&M Managing Director, Andrew Akhigbe, had this to say, “We are excited about our recent partnership with Treepz and can’t wait to power our CMS bus park using world-class technology with benefits occurring to both partners and commuters. Being a business of over 53 years, one of our goals is to drive a transparent operation system and Treepz helps us meet this using technology.”

Treepz shares a common goal with bus partners like CMS T&M to provide the most efficient and affordable bus travel solutions in parks and across bus-stops in cities in Lagos.

As a company, Treepz has continued to grow its impact on transforming the transportation sector with its technology currently deployed across Africa. With operations in Ghana, Uganda and Nigeria, Treepz has introduced the Transportation Operator System to provide Bus Parks and Bus Operators with the necessary technology to digitise their services while increasing their customer base and managing their revenue.

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As many transportation stakeholders look at how they move away from paper ticketing, cash-based transactions and understanding their customer inventory, bus operators are turning to Treepz to build the technology that will allow them to reach their goals. Beyond CMS T&M, over 12 bus operators have also partnered with Treepz including GUO Transport, Libra Motors, EFEX Transport Service, ABC Transport, Anambra Executive and a list of other intercity transporters with a combined 1,500 vehicles in their fleet.

Beyond transportation companies, Treepz continues to provide bus hiring services to schools for their school bus solutions, bus hire services to corporations for their staff bus solutions and technology to state governments to power their state transport systems.